Overview Strategy Meeting 2023

On 11 and 12 December, the Management Board of ERN RARE-LIVER met in Hamburg to discuss the network’s strategy for the next 4 years, the period covered by the next grant.

Strategy Meeting 2023

After a brief overview of the current situation and the changes that the new grant will bring to the entire network, the newly appointed beneficiaries (Barcelona, Ghent and Paris) presented their plans and action points for the areas of Training and Education, as well as Guidelines and Clinical Decision Support Tools.

The topics of Patient Empowerment and Network Management were also on the agenda and sparked lively discussions.

On the second day of the strategy meeting, the topics of Collaboration – such as Industry Relations -, Registry, and Research Opportunities were on the agenda. After 2 days filled with lively and inspirational discussions, each participant ended up with a long to-do list with tasks aimed at further advancing our network in the upcoming year. We will present many of these points at the online Members meeting on 8 February 2024.