Our mission is to improve the care of rare liver disease patients throughout Europe

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Liver transplantation: AN ERN RARE-LIVER training video

Aimed at professionals, Martina Sterneck provides an overview of the ways to manage liver transplantation, accompanied by patients who provide accounts of their journeys.

Latest News

News from the ERN RARE-LIVER Working Groups

What was going on in the various Working Groups of ERN RARE-LIVER in the last months?
At this year’s Members’ Meeting in Hamburg, most of the working groups gave a brief overview of their activities and what they had achieved in the past 12 months.

Covid-19 Update for people with rare liver diseases

Autumn starts with new virus variants and a new vaccine – what do patients with rare liver diseases need to bear in mind?

Open letter to the European Commission

The rare disease community comes together in calling on the EU institutions and our national governments to stand by the European Reference Networks.

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