Our mission is to improve the care of rare liver disease patients throughout Europe

Information for rare liver patients regarding COVID-19

As time passes, our knowledge on COVID-19 and particular risk groups has increased. Click here for more on COVID-19 and the specific implications for rare liver patients.

Survey on COVID-19 in patients with autoimmune liver diseases (AIH, PBC and PSC)

We are calling on autoimmune liver disease (AIH, PBC and PSC) patients to help us gain more information on the particular effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. We would be most grateful if you would take the time to complete the survey.

Lay Summary of the ERN RARE-LIVER Position Paper: Second-line and Third-line Therapy for Autoimmune Hepatitis

In collaboration with our patient representatives, we have produced a lay summary of the position paper, published recently as a result of the collaboration between the European Reference Network on Hepatological Diseases (ERN RARE-LIVER) and the International Autoimmune Hepatitis Group.

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