Our mission is to improve the care of rare liver disease patients throughout Europe

COVID-19 vaccine and rare liver patients: Information video

Ansgar Lohse, ERN RARE-LIVER Coordinator and specialist in both Hepatology and in infectious diseases, has produced a video message on the topic of vaccines against COVID-19, addressing the questions of patients with rare liver diseases.

SARS-CoV2 vaccines and other vaccinations for patients with rare liver diseases

Patients living with rare liver diseases are strongly encouraged to get vaccinated against COVID-19!

This includes patients with PBC, PSC, AIH, patients waiting for liver transplant and patients post transplant.

The vaccines appear safe. Talk to your healthcare provider if you are worried or unsure.

Past ERN RARE-LIVER Webinar: Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency

Presentations will soon be available online!

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