Getting started

Before you start, watch this video with useful tips.

CPMS Registration

Full Members and Affiliated Partners can apply for regular accounts. Collaborative Partners and External Experts can apply for guest accounts. A guest account will only be active for a limited time frame between three months and one year or as long as the panel for the case discussion is open.

Registration guide for full users: (Full Members and Affiliated Partners) CPMS Registration Guide ERN R-LIVER: Full user
Registration guide for guest users: (Collaborative Partners and External Experts) CPMS Registration Guide ERN R-LIVER: Guest user

CPMS User Guide and Training for Newcomers

A detailed description of all CPMS features is in the CPMS Official User Guide .

For newcomers, this CPMS webinar is helpful to watch.

Enrolling and removing patients

Before you start, watch this video with useful tips.

Setting up your own panel

Some centres are using a minimal data sheet to summarize the parameters of their cases. To download the sheet, please click here.

Informed Consent

Although CPMS is a secure platform that complies to European data protection regulations, it is mandatory to gain informed consent from your patients before uploading their data to the platform. If there should still be concerns regarding data protection issues, you may enter anonymized patient data. Medical files usually get anonymized automatically by the system.
Patient consent forms for data sharing in all European languages can be downloaded from the CPMS system when opening a new patient record (Centre -> Enrol Patient -> Download Model Consent Forms).
The filled consent forms will remain in your centre.

CPMS Tips and Tricks for file upload

This short support video shows you how to:
- add lab values using a minimal data sheet
- add a Dicom study without ending up with hundreds of singe images (from 0:45)
- upload histological scans (from 1:25)

CPMS Training Platform

Before enrolling a patient in CPMS, you can test the system on the CPMS training platform ( with a dummy case. For login to the training platform of CPMS you cannot use your personal EU login. Please click on ‘To use non-eulogin users, click here (test only)’ and use one of the following user names: rareliverhpuser4 or rareliverhpuser5. The password will be provided by the ERN office upon request.

CPMS Helpdesk

If you need assistance or support when using CPMS, the team is happy to help:

Miscellaneous and Autoimmune Liver Disease: UKE Hamburg: Marcial Sebode, Ida Schregel, Gustav Buescher, Juliane Gaenge
Structural and Vascular Liver Disease: Radboud UMC Nijmegen: Renée Duijzer,

You can contact us by using the contact form.

Download the FLYER of the CPMS Helpdesk with our services and contact information here.