Training + Information for Professionals

Patient care will improve if we increase knowledge and teaching. For this reason, Education is one of the key activities of ERN RARE-LIVER. This includes the organization of postgraduate schools, workshops and webinars for doctors and student doctors specialising in rare liver diseases. In addition, specialist nurse training falls under this activity. Here we provide content and resources developed in close collaboration with our disease working groups and transversal working groups. Follow the link for information on the ERN RARE-LIVER monthly Webinar Series

Training videos

Liver transplantation 

EASL School of Hepatology

During the School of Hepatology of EASL and ERN RARE-LIVER in October 2021, some of the students were given the task to produce educational videos aimed at young doctors and patients. The videos are now online on our YouTube channel: 
Participants were offered the chance to 
The resulting videos are now available on the ERN RARE-LIVER Youtube channel

Disease-specific information and material

You can find further information and material aimed at Healthcare Professionals about diseases covered by ERN RARE-LIVER here . This includes descriptions of the diseases, training videos and leaflets. We are continuously working in collaboration with our members and working groups to add new content and update existing content.

AIH Histopathology Workshop

Two workshops on histological criteria of Autoimmune Hepatitis (AIH) have been held. 

The first workshop was organized as a joint initiative of the ERN RARE-LIVER and the European Society of Pathology (ESP). At this workshop, the world’s experts in the field reached a consensus on an update of the histological criteria for AIH, for the first time also developing criteria for the diagnosis of acute AIH. Furthermore, initial steps for an international study to validate these updated histological criteria for AIH were taken. 

The consensus reached at the first meeting was finalized by a final Delphi round. 

Results were discussed during a second online Workshop. 

These considerations and recommendations will be published in due course. The results of these workshops and the planned study are an important step towards improving AIH patient care, since they will help to make a better diagnosis. They will also offer better guidance for treatment and they will thus help to test new drugs for AIH in clinical trials aiming at more specific, less toxic and more effective therapies for AIH.