Lay Summary of the ERN RARE-LIVER Position Paper: Second-line and Third-line Therapy for Autoimmune Hepatitis

In collaboration with our patient representatives, we have produced a lay summary of the position paper, published recently as a result of the collaboration between the European Reference Network on Hepatological Diseases (ERN RARE-LIVER) and the International Autoimmune Hepatitis Group.

Treatment decisions for autoimmune hepatitis (AIH)

Our ERN position statement on 2nd & 3rd line treatment of autoimmune hepatitis has recently been published in Journal of Hepatology. The position statement was a great step forward in harmonizing the treatment of difficult-to-treat patients throughout Europe. In addition to this publication, we have summarized its contents in patient-orientated language in collaboration with our patient representatives.
Please find attached the lay summary which can be used to provide information to patients on 2nd & 3rd line treatment of AIH.