Immuno-oncology (IO) in patients with autoimmune liver disease (AILD)

The safety of immuno-oncological therapies for patients with autoimmune liver disease has not been adequately studied. To demonstrate the safety of these revolutionary therapies for our patients, we are conducting a retrospective multi-center study. We would invite you to contribute cases of patients with autoimmune liver disease (AILD) who received checkpoint inhibitor therapies.

In recent years, tumour immunotherapy has become an important therapeutic pillar in many malignant diseases. In this context, different side effect profiles have been described for patients with autoimmune diseases. There are no reports in the literature about the tolerability of tumour immunotherapies for patients with autoimmune liver diseases. These uncertainties lead to the categorical exclusion of these patients from clinical studies and to a reluctance to consider these forms of therapy for this patient group.
In this study, we aim to evaluate the safety of immunotherapeutics, particularly checkpoint inhibitors, for patients with autoimmune liver disease. All patients with autoimmune liver disease who have been treated with immunotherapeutics for tumour disease can be included in this survey. Both patients with hepatobiliary tumours and other malignancies treated with immunotherapies (e.g. malignant melanoma or NSCLC) are eligible.
We would like to gain a comprehensive overview of the course of such immunotherapies in your centre. For this purpose, please fill out our survey by following this link:

Even if you have not yet treated AILD patients with such agents, please provide this information in the survey.

All centres contributing at least one case will receive a co-authorship in a future publication (one co-author per contributing centre).

The survey will be open until 3 April 2023.

We are looking forward to collecting these cases with you and to share the results of this study with the scientific community.