First Youth Panel established by ERN RARE-LIVER

Youth Panel

A workshop organised by the ERN RARE-LIVER Transition of Care working group, funded by the Networking Support Scheme of the European Joint Programme on Rare Diseases.

The workshop resulted in various inputs, priorities and actions. As a result, the group decided to prioritize practical actions. To reduce the number of actions, the group will be subdivided into three subgroups responsible for communication, organization, and education, respectively. Each subgroup will identify a maximum of three actions to tackle in 2023-2024.

During a follow-up meeting in the beginning of July, subgroups will present their actions and, subsequently, the entire group will decide on which 5-6 actions will be tackled in the future. By reducing the number of actions, it will be feasible for the group to develop/implement and follow-up on each of these actions.