XI Latvian Gastroenterology Congress held on 9 December 2023

In this XI Latvian Gastroenterology Congress held on 9 December 2023, Professor Indra Zeltiņa (Latvia), Professor Piotr Socha (Poland), and Dr. Inita Kaže (Latvia) discussed various topics related to rare liver diseases, including Wilson’s disease, autoimmune hepatitis, and hepatobiliary diseases in childhood.


The expert panel included Associate Professor Aleksejs Derovs (Latvia) and Dr. Valdis Ģībietis (Latvia), representing the Latvian Gastroenterologists Association and the Latvian Association of Rare Disease Specialists.

During our XI Latvian Gastroenterology Congress with International participation held on December 9, 2023, one of the satellite symposia received official endorsement from the European Reference Network for Rare Liver Diseases.

The official number of Congress participants exceeded 1,100 individuals, and the satellite symposia devoted to rare liver diseases gathered approximately 250 participants. This event surpassed the expectations of the organisers and proved to be a tremendous success!


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