Validation of polycystic liver disease questionnaire with 1 week recall period and determination of treatment threshold for polycystic liver disease questionnaire

The polycystic liver disease questionnaire was developed and validated to quantify the symptom severity in patients with polycystic liver disease. Though this questionnaire is currently used in clinical practice and research, the questionnaire does not have a clinical threshold. The purpose of this study is to determine this threshold. Secondly, no we validate an adjusted 1-week recall period.

Polycystic liver disease questionnaire (PLD-Q), Short-Form 36 (SF-36).

Target population:
Polycystic liver disease patients both in the context of ADPLD and ADPKD. Approximately 200 patients will be included in this study.
Other important variables include disease aetiology, total liver volume and SF-36 scores.



Inclusion and exclusion criteria:
Inclusion criteria: ≥18 years, all genders, polycystic liver disease
Exclusion criteria: no PLD-Q available

Writing phase

Open for inclusions: No, inclusion is done

Contact details:
Thijs Barten (, Joost P.H. Drenth (