ERN RARE-LIVER Annual Meeting (online): 17 and 18 February 2021, 17 - 19:00 (CET)

This was a great opportunity to meet again and share news from the Coordinating team and the ERN’s working groups!

Please find the agenda on the right.

All presentations are available on the ERN Collaborative Platform (ECP).
You can access them by visiting the page https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/ern/, and clicking on ‘Access/request access to My network’. If you already have access to the RARE-LIVER network, click on RARE-LIVER -> access network -> Library -> Meetings -> online Annual Meeting February 2021.
To request access to the RARE-LIVER network on ECP, please click on ‘Search & join networks’ and ‘Request access’ for RARE-LIVER. Your request will be ruled within the next few days.