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Update on the knowledge on COVID-19 vaccinations

Ansgar Lohse can provide an update on the state of knowledge on the COVID-19 vaccinations. Thankfully, there is good news to share with the rare liver disease community.
  • Update on the knowledge on COVID-19 vaccinations

Past Webinar: Treatment of Autoimmune Hepatitis, 13 July 2021

Available online soon.

Save the date: Members' Meeting on 3 and 4 September 2021 in Hamburg

The long wait has paid off. It was wonderful not only to see you, but also to see the progress that has been made since our last meeting. Thank you to everyone who made the journey to Hamburg and contributed to making this meeting a success. The presentations and slides are available on ECP – you can access with your EU login – Network RARE-LIVER – Library – Meetings.

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