Specialist Nurses

One of the biggest challenges in healthcare of patients with rare liver diseases is the rarity of expertise in these diseases among healthcare professionals. The integration of specialist nurses into the care pathway is important to increase the quality of care for patients with rare liver diseases. The aim of the European Reference Network on hepatological diseases (ERN RARE-LIVER) is to train specialist nurses employed by ERN Full Members and Affiliated Partners in the specialist care and particular needs of patients with rare liver disease.


International Liver Congress (ILC2021) by EASL: https://easl.eu/event/the-international-liver-congress-2021/


Gastrointestinal Nursing, Vol. 19, No. Sup4: Diagnosis, assessment and management of PBC
Primary biliary cholangitis: assessment and management strategies
S Nadir Abbas, David Jones, Yiannis Kallis, Laura Maher, Imran Patanwala
Published Online:11 May 2021
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