Getting started

Before you start, watch this video with useful tips.

Enrolling and removing patients

Before you start, watch this video with useful tips.

CPMS User Guide

CPMS Registration

Full Members and Affiliated Partners can apply for regular accounts. Collaborative Partners and External Experts can apply for guest accounts. A guest account will only be active for a limited time frame between three months and one year or as long as the panel for the case discussion is open.

Registration guide for full users: (Full Members and Affiliated Partners) CPMS Registration Guide ERN R-LIVER: Full user
Registration guide for guest users: (Collaborative Partners and External Experts) CPMS Registration Guide ERN R-LIVER: Guest user

CPMS Expert List

To find experts for your CPMS panels, a list of disease specific experts is available here (use your EU login to access. You need to be registered in the RARE-LIVER network on ECP).

CPMS Helpdesk

If you need assistance or support when using CPMS, the team is happy to help:

Miscellaneous and Autoimmune Liver Disease: University Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf – Marcial Sebode, Aileen Franke, Gustav Buescher, Britta Zecher
Structural and Vascular Liver Disease: Radboudumc, Nijmegen: Thijs Barten, Romée Snijders
Paediatric Liver Disease: University Children’s Hospital Tübingen: Toni Illhardt

You can contact us by using the contact form.