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Wilson disease - An ERN RARE-LIVER training video

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Wilson disease - An ERN RARE-LIVER training video

This ERN RARE-LIVER training video is intended for physicians treating patients with the hereditary copper storage disease Morbus Wilson. Uta Merle provides an overview of the pathology, diagnosis and treatment from the perspective of international experts and the patient perspective is also provided.

ESPGHAN Monothematic Conference Alagille Syndrome, 26 - 28 January 2023 in Athens, Greece

Deadline to register: 15 December, 2022

NOW ONLINE: Webinar on Management of pregnant women with vascular liver disorders and portal hypertension


Aurélie Plessier/ Filipe Nery

Latest press release: Acute liver inflammation (hepatitis) of unknown origin in children: an update

Unexplained cases of acute liver inflammation in children, especially in the United Kingdom (UK) were reported earlier this year. In response, the European Reference Network on Hepatological Diseases (ERN RARE-LIVER) conducted a thorough investigation that did not confirm the alarming observation from the UK in other European countries.

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