Our mission is to improve the care of rare liver disease patients throughout Europe

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Wilson disease: An ERN RARE-LIVER patient video

This ERN RARE-LIVER patient video on Wilson disease explains what life is like with this hereditary copper storage disease. It offers personal insights accompanied by medical statements by Prof. Dr. Uta Merle. Many thanks to Regine for telling us her story.

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Liver Transplantation and Vascular Liver Disorders

This joint VALDIG-ERN-EASL Webinar aims to clarify some of the aforementioned points, while gathering a panel of experts in the field and promoting vivid discussion in order to improve care for these rare and somehow difficult-to-treat patients.
Even though vascular liver disorders are rare reported events, liver transplantation may be considered when acute liver failure occurs, as for acute Budd-chiari syndrome, or complications of portal hypertension arise as in the context of porto-sinusoidal vascular liver disorder.
Yet, few data exist considering indications and outcomes of liver transplantation in these and other rare vascular liver disorders.

Successful Members' Meeting 2023 in Hamburg

It was a great pleasure for the ERN RARE-LIVER office team to welcome many of our members and friends at this year’s Members’ Meeting in Hamburg.

First Youth Panel established by ERN RARE-LIVER

A workshop organised by the ERN RARE-LIVER Transition of Care working group, funded by the Networking Support Scheme of the European Joint Programme on Rare Diseases.

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